Crematorium Worker Gets A Surprise That Almost Put Them 6 Feet Under

90-year-old woman declared dead by doctors alive in body bag

A 90-year-old woman has been left fighting for her life after being declared dead and sent to a morgue in Brazil. Norma Silveira da Silva, who was being treated at the Sao Jose Regional Hospital in Greater Florianopolis, was found alive in a body bag by a horrified crematorium worker.

The incident occurred on November 25th, when Norma was pronounced dead at around 11:40 pm. Her body was then sent to the morgue, where she lay for nearly two hours before she was found to still be alive at 1:30 am on Sunday. The hospital is now facing an investigation into how this could have happened.

According to Norma’s caregiver, Jessica Martins Silvi Pereira, the family plans to sue the hospital for neglect. She told local media, “It’s a case of neglect that I would not wish on anyone.” Jessica had gone to the hospital with Norma and claims that just hours before she was declared dead, Norma had opened her eye and acknowledged her family’s presence.

However, the family received news of Norma’s death later that evening. In the first death certificate, Norma’s cause of death was listed as an infection. Jessica claims that the body was sent to the morgue without the family being given the chance to see her. It was only when the crematorium worker opened the bag that he saw Norma was still breathing weakly.

In a second death certificate, Norma’s cause of death was listed as “septic shock” caused by “sepsis with undefined focus”. The family is still awaiting further information from the hospital regarding Norma’s cause of death.

This shocking incident has led to outrage from the community, with Brazil’s Medical Ethics Committee and the Death Commission launching investigations. The Regional Council of Medicine also stated that it would be monitoring the case closely.

Norma was ultimately cremated on November 27th. Her family is now seeking justice for the horrific ordeal that their elderly loved one had to endure. Norma’s story has raised concerns about the procedures in place in the medical community and how this could have happened in a hospital setting.

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