Country Superstar Thanks Fans for Defending His Controversial Track

Country singer Jason Aldean has expressed his gratitude to fans for their support of his song “Try That In A Small Town” amid controversy and backlash. The 46-year-old artist took to Twitter to thank his 3.8 million followers and shared a video clip from one of his recent shows, where he addressed the issue.

The controversy surrounding the song began when its music video was released on July 14. Critics accused the video of being “racist” and “pro-lynching.” In response to the backlash, CMT pulled the music video from its platform without providing a specific reason. Aldean, however, defended the song, dismissing the criticism as “meritless” and “dangerous.”

The situation took an unexpected turn when Aldean’s song shot to the top of the all-genre chart following the controversy. The song’s streams increased by a staggering 999%, as reported by Fox News.

In a lengthy statement on Twitter, Aldean clarified the song’s intent, emphasizing that it is a call for Americans to come together rather than promoting any harmful ideologies. He vehemently denied any racial references in the lyrics or in the real news footage used in the video.

Aldean explained that the song is about the sense of community he experienced while growing up, where people looked out for one another, regardless of their differences in background or beliefs. He emphasized the desire to return to a sense of normalcy, especially in the context of his well-known political views.

The singer’s response garnered widespread attention and support from his fanbase, leading to a surge in popularity for “Try That In A Small Town.”

As of this publication, CMT has not responded to the situation or explained the decision to pull the music video. Meanwhile, Jason Aldean’s fans have shown unwavering support for him, standing by his side during the tumultuous times.



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