Cops Called: Unusual Item Found In Goodwill Drop-Off Box!

Local authorities in Goodyear, Arizona, responded to an unusual discovery at a local Goodwill store on Tuesday. A human skull, accompanied by a false eye, was found in a box donated to the store, sparking a police investigation into the mysterious find.

According to reports from the Arizona Republic and ABC affiliate KNXV-TV, the startling discovery was made at the Goodwill located at Sarival and Yuma. A store manager alerted the Goodyear Police Department after finding the skull among various taxidermy items. The skull never reached the store’s sales floor, remaining confined within the box it was donated in.

“This is an unusual one,” commented Goodyear Police Department Public Information Officer Lisa Berry in an interview with KNXV-TV. The box containing the skull is believed to have been dropped off over the weekend, setting the stage for a perplexing investigation.

Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement officers confirmed that the skull appeared to be of human origin. Subsequently, the skull was carefully transferred to the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office for thorough examination and evaluation.

Initial findings from the medical examiner’s office have provided some insights into the origin of the skull. It is believed to be of historic significance, possibly dating back many years. Importantly, authorities have not uncovered any evidence linking the skull to a recent crime. As Officer Berry stated in a video posted on social media, the skull “doesn’t appear to have any forensic value at all.”

In response to the discovery, Officer Berry commended Goodwill for their responsible handling of the situation, emphasizing the importance of reporting anything suspicious. Goodwill’s cooperation with law enforcement has played a crucial role in the ongoing investigation.

As the investigation unfolds, many questions remain unanswered. The origin of the skull, its historical context, and how it came to be in the donation box remain mysteries that authorities are diligently working to unravel. The bizarre nature of this discovery has left both the local community and law enforcement intrigued, and updates on the case are awaited with anticipation.

The investigation into the human skull with a false eye found at the Goodyear Goodwill store is ongoing.



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