Cheating Southern Belle Hires Hitman On Millionaire Husband!

The bitter divorce between former Auburn University football player, Robert Shiver, and his wife of 13 years, Lindsay Shiver, took a dangerous and deadly twist as a murder-for-hire plot came to light. Suspicions of infidelity and high-stakes custody battles over their three children and extensive real estate holdings in Georgia and the Caribbean added fuel to the already intense divorce proceedings.

The plot unfolded when Robert, 38, hired a private investigator to track Lindsay’s activities on the island of Abaco in The Bahamas, suspecting her of infidelity near their luxurious Caribbean getaway. The investigator captured images of Lindsay with a local man, who was later identified as the innocent manager of Grabbers Bar and Grill.

However, Robert’s suspicions were eventually confirmed when the investigator snapped photos of Lindsay with her 28-year-old bartender lover, Terrance Adrien Bethel, at Grabbers. Confronting Bethel sarcastically, Robert thanked him for “taking care of my wife,” a statement that would later take on a chilling significance.

Matters took a dangerous turn when prosecutors revealed that Lindsay had allegedly conspired with Bethel and his associate, aspiring rapper Faron Newbold, to have Robert killed. The plot came to light during an investigation into a theft at the bar where Bethel worked, and an examination of his phone revealed damning evidence of the murder-for-hire scheme.

Lindsay was subsequently arrested by Bahamian police and is currently detained in the notorious Fox Hill prison, while Bethel and Newbold are out on bail with electronic monitoring tags. Locals who knew the men dismissed the idea of Newbold being involved in such a plot, calling it a joke and asserting that he comes from a respectable middle-class background.

The divorce proceedings had already turned acrimonious, with Robert accusing Lindsay of adultery, and her retaliating with allegations of domestic abuse. Lindsay later admitted to sending the incriminating texts to Newbold but claimed it was only venting amid the heated divorce.

The shocking twist in the divorce saga has left friends and acquaintances of the couple stunned, describing Lindsay as someone living a double life, being both a Georgia housewife and a “Bahamas bad girl.” The case is set to be a high-profile trial with significant implications for all parties involved.

New York Post


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