Carol Burnett: 90 Years Of Laughter, Love, and Variety Shows!

Legendary comedian Carol Burnett recently reflected on her long career in Hollywood and the success of her hit show “The Carol Burnett Show”. During her interview with Fox News, Burnett acknowledged that her show could not be recreated in its original form today due to the expense of hiring a 28-piece orchestra, 12 dancers, and having 60 to 75 costumes a week.

“I’d like to see variety come back,” Burnett told the outlet. “But [the networks] could never do what we did because I think the cost would be extravagant now.”

“We had a 28-piece orchestra, 12 dancers,” she added. “We had 60 to 75 costumes a week. Bob Mackie designed for our guest stars. All of that you couldn’t do today. It would be too much. We did kind of a Broadway mini-musical comedy review every week. And that couldn’t be done today.”

Burnett also talked about how CBS executives originally discouraged her from doing the show in the way she wanted, but she pushed for it anyway and ended up having great success. She also spoke about the upcoming two-hour special in her honor titled “Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love.”

Burnett has had a long and successful career in Hollywood and has been a major influence on the industry. She has won numerous awards, including the People’s Choice Awards, Emmy Awards, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 2018, she was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame.

Burnett’s influence can be seen in her work on “The Carol Burnett Show”, which was praised for its variety and creativity. The show featured skits, musical numbers, and classic comedy sketches. It was so successful that it was nominated for 25 Emmy Awards and won the award for Outstanding Variety Series in 1974.

The success of “The Carol Burnett Show” has been a major influence on variety shows today. Although the show could not be recreated today in its original form, Burnett’s influence can still be seen on other variety shows such as Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Burnett’s influence on the industry is undeniable, and her career will continue to be celebrated for years to come. Her upcoming two-hour special is a testament to her success, and it’s a great opportunity for fans to celebrate her legacy.

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