Cameraman Save Reporter As Baseball Rockets Toward Her – WATCH

Hello everyone, it wasn’t the best night for the home team, but it certainly turned out to be a lucky one for one of the reporters in attendance at Yankee Stadium. During a game where the Atlanta Braves trounced the slumping Yankees 8-1, a remarkable save by a cameraman became the highlight of the evening.

The game was tough for Yankees fans, but one of the hardest-hit balls of the night by Oswaldo Cabrera turned into a viral moment. Cabrera pulled a pitch from Braves’ starter Chris Sale towards the third base side. The ball took a wild bounce, heading straight for a reporter in the press area, who attempted to shield herself with a notebook.

Just when it seemed like disaster was imminent, a cameraman made a barehanded catch, saving the day. The incredible reflexes of the cameraman were captured in a viral clip that quickly amassed over 125,000 likes on ESPN SportCenter’s Instagram account by Saturday morning.

This act of quick thinking and agility was the saving grace of an otherwise dreary game for the Yankees. Despite the Yankees leading the American League East with a 51-27 record, they’ve hit a rough patch, losing five of their last six games and giving up 32 runs in the process.

The Yankees’ struggles were highlighted by a record they’d rather not remember. On Friday, they tied a pre-Pearl Harbor record by giving up runs in 13 out of 14 innings, a feat last seen in June 1940.

Yankees star Juan Soto acknowledged the tough times, saying, “Nobody says it’s going to be easy to go through the whole year. Nobody says it’s going to be flowers, roll all the way to the World Series. We got to take it like a man and forget about it and just keep moving forward.”

While the team faced a challenging night, the cameraman’s heroic catch prevented what could have been a much worse situation.

To put the danger of foul balls into perspective, consider the recent incident involving Bleacher Report’s Tim Kelly. Kelly was covering a Philadelphia Phillies-Baltimore Orioles game when a foul ball hit by Nick Castellanos smashed into his laptop, rendering it unusable.

Now, imagine that ball heading straight for someone’s head instead of a laptop. Notebooks, while handy, don’t offer much protection against a hard-hit baseball. Thankfully, the cameraman’s swift action ensured the reporter’s safety, turning a potential accident into a memorable highlight.

So, while the Yankees may have had a rough night on the field, the cameraman’s quick reflexes provided a silver lining and a reminder of the unexpected moments that make baseball so captivating. Here’s to hoping the Yankees can turn their fortunes around and get back to their winning ways.


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