Brave Florida Boy Escapes Jaw-Clenching Gator Attack

A Florida teenager is recounting his harrowing brush with an alligator after narrowly escaping its jaws during a swimming outing with friends. Gabriel Klimis, a brave 13-year-old from Winter Springs, Florida, found himself in a life-or-death struggle as the reptile latched onto his leg while he was exiting the water.

Describing the gripping moment, Klimis revealed, “Once he grabbed on, I knew that if he didn’t let go, there was no getting him off because his jaw was so tied on. There’s no getting out of that.” Determined to survive, the resourceful teenager quickly reached for a nearby stick and relentlessly struck the powerful animal.

“He kept pulling, so then I just tried to hit him… and then he let go… and then I ran up as fast as I could,” Klimis recounted, his quick thinking and bravery enabling him to break free from the alligator’s grip. With remarkable composure, he made a call to 911 from a neighboring house, calmly requesting assistance for his injuries.

In the released 911 call made to the Seminole County Fire Department, Klimis reassured the operator, stating, “I just got bit by a gator. I’m okay though, I can walk and I can stand.” The teenager explained that his wounds, located on his right hip and thigh, were not excessively bleeding but had left his skin visibly exposed.

Oviedo Fire paramedics swiftly arrived on the scene and transported Klimis to a nearby hospital, where he received prompt medical attention. Fortunately, his injuries were not severe, and he was later discharged, much to the relief of his mother, Allison Klimis, who expressed gratitude for the positive outcome.

“Been a tough kid his whole life, and I think this really showed,” said Allison Klimis, speaking proudly of her son’s resilience. “I mean, everybody at the hospital said, ‘He’s Superman,’ and, I mean, he is.”

Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed that the alligator responsible for the attack was captured on June 22. Having trapped the reptile in the same vicinity as the incident occurred, authorities are “fairly confident” that it is the same alligator, providing some closure to the traumatic episode for Gabriel and his family.



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