Bill Split With This Guys Date Doesn’t Go Over Well

A Miami man, known as “Water Boy” on TikTok, found himself at the center of a viral debate after posting a video of a date gone awry. In the video, he recounts taking a girl he met on Tinder out for a first date, where she ordered an appetizer he didn’t touch.

When he suggested splitting the bill, the girl became infuriated, arguing that since he asked her out, it was his responsibility to pay. The date ended with heated bickering in the car, and the girl slamming the car door, ignoring him afterward.

The video garnered 6 million views on TikTok, sparking intense debate among users. Many criticized the man, asserting that if he asked her out, he should foot the bill. Comments suggested that not paying made it seem like two friends going out to eat and advised him to quit dating altogether.

In response to the criticism, the man defended his perspective, stating that women’s expectations have changed in the modern era. He argued that if women embrace independence and reject traditional gender roles, they should equally contribute financially. He expressed frustration with the perception of entitlement, emphasizing that women should pay their share in a world where traditional roles are evolving.

The man highlighted his belief that, in 2024, women’s independence should extend to financial responsibilities.

He questioned what women offer besides physical appearance, especially when they expect financial support but resist contributing financially themselves. He contended that the dynamics of dating have shifted, challenging traditional notions of who should pay for a date.

The TikTok user faced further backlash, with some users applauding the girl for her response and labeling her a “queen.”

The man, however, maintained that the date went well, emphasizing laughter and natural conversation. He defended his stance, asserting that the expectation for men to bear the financial burden is outdated, given the changing landscape of relationships.

As the video circulated on social media, it ignited discussions about evolving gender roles, dating etiquette, and the expectations surrounding financial contributions in modern relationships. The divisive reactions underscored the ongoing complexities and debates within the dating landscape, reflecting the broader societal shifts in gender dynamics.

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