Beware: Barnes & Noble Stalker Set Free After Disturbing Behavior!

In a startling sequence of events, Calese Crowder’s swift release from custody has raised concerns among local residents, leaving them fearing for their safety. Following his rapid release, a TikTok video posted by victim Michaela Witter has sparked a wave of caution among neighbors, urging them to remain vigilant. “Is this real?” Witter questioned in the video, expressing her apprehension as Crowder’s short stint in jail raised doubts about the effectiveness of the justice system in preventing potential harm.

Victim Michaela Witter shared her unsettling encounter with Crowder at a local bookstore on TikTok, prompting an unsettling revelation. The video has since prompted over 20 other women to reach out with eerily similar stories of their own encounters with Crowder. In the video, Witter captured Crowder’s unusual behavior as he crouched down behind her, leaving her unnerved by his actions. “Tying my shoe,” Crowder offered in explanation, his shortness of breath and vague responses only deepening the unease.

Disturbingly, Witter’s experience was far from isolated. Another TikToker, using the handle @artofethereality, recounted a similar incident at a Burbank Barnes & Noble. Her video showcases Crowder crouched behind her, offering a flimsy excuse when confronted. With chilling candor, she emphasized the gravity of the situation, highlighting the need for authorities to take such incidents seriously.

Calese Crowder’s disturbing history has painted a pattern of concerning behavior. Records from the Los Angeles County Jail indicate a staggering 41 bookings, reflecting a longstanding battle for law enforcement to rein him in. Alarming reports of stalking have also emerged, including the case of former Los Angeles Lakers star Robert Horry’s daughter, who fell victim to Crowder’s predatory actions.

Despite the mounting evidence and a history that should raise alarm, Crowder has repeatedly managed to evade substantial consequences, a point that has drawn criticism from concerned citizens. Calls for decisive action have come from various quarters, including Candice Horry, who expressed frustration over the cyclical nature of Crowder’s actions. She called for his extended confinement to safeguard the community from his menacing presence.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, under George Gascon’s leadership, faces mounting scrutiny for its handling of Crowder’s case. As questions linger about the effectiveness of the justice system in protecting potential victims, Glendale police have urged individuals with information about Crowder’s activities to come forward, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in maintaining safety.

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