Beverly Hills, 90210 Star in Brutal LA Street Brawl!

Ian Ziering, known for his role in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” has spoken out about an unsettling incident involving multiple bikers in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve.

In a video posted on Instagram, the 59-year-old actor addressed the alleged altercation, expressing gratitude that he and his 12-year-old daughter Mia emerged from the incident unharmed.

Ziering shared his account of the encounter while set to Coldplay’s song “A Sky Full of Stars,” conveying the events over a photo of himself smiling. He detailed being approached aggressively by a biker while stuck in traffic, leading to an unsettling confrontation that escalated when he exited his car to assess any potential damage. Unfortunately, the situation turned physical, prompting Ziering to protect himself during the altercation.

Expressing relief that both he and his daughter emerged unscathed, Ziering raised concerns about the growing boldness of groups disrupting public safety.

He emphasized the need for effective law enforcement responses to address such incidents, stressing the importance of ensuring safe streets for everyone.

Highlighting the broader issue of street hooliganism, Ziering urged city officials and law enforcement to take decisive action against such lawlessness, emphasizing the necessity for resources to prevent future occurrences.

Acknowledging the support from family, friends, and fans during this challenging time, Ziering emphasized the crucial strength and unity within the community, concluding his message with New Year wishes.

The incident, first reported by TMZ, captured Ziering’s vehicle surrounded by a group of individuals riding mini-bikes on Hollywood Blvd. The situation escalated as Ziering got out of his car, engaging in a physical altercation with one biker, followed by a circle of bikers surrounding and attacking him, as depicted in the footage.

LAPD confirmed responding to reports of a fight after bikers were driving recklessly, indicating an ongoing investigation into the matter. Representatives for Ziering and LAPD have yet to provide further comments regarding the incident.

Ziering, a father of two daughters, including Mia, sought to ensure the safety of streets amid this alarming encounter, as investigations into the altercation continue.



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