Bear Gets Nickname After Bizarre ‘Thefts’

In a heartwarming turn of events amidst the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles County’s Monrovia neighborhood, a bear with a penchant for sweet treats has captured the attention and affection of residents.

Affectionately dubbed “Oreo,” this furry visitor has been making playful appearances, leaving a trail of smiles and cookie crumbs in its wake. Reports from ABC 7, KTLA5, and KNBC paint a picture of a bear on a mission: to satisfy its sweet tooth with bags of Oreo cookies conveniently sourced from local homes.

Footage captured on May 24 showcases Oreo the bear gracefully exiting a residence, delicately carrying a package of the iconic cookies in its mouth.

The scene is both amusing and endearing as the bear takes a moment to inspect its loot before continuing on its sweet adventure.

Residents, like Vina Khoury, have embraced the playful antics of Oreo, although they admit to a slight unease about leaving windows or doors ajar in fear of unexpected furry visitors.

The charm of Oreo’s escapades extends beyond mere cookie raids, with tales of previous bear encounters adding to the neighborhood’s lore.

Khoury recounts a memorable incident involving a refrigerator raid and a chocolate cake heist, highlighting the bear’s insatiable appetite and mischievous nature.

Despite occasional concerns, Monrovia residents have adopted a pragmatic approach, recognizing the shared space between humans and wildlife in their mountainous locale.



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