An Unforgettable Mother & Daughter Baking Experience With Jennifer Garner-Watch!

In a heartwarming display of family bonding, actress Jennifer Garner shared a special mother-daughter moment with her mother Patricia ‘Pat’ Garner on her Instagram account. On Wednesday, the 51-year-old star posted a delightful video of the duo baking a chiffon pie together in Jennifer’s Los Angeles home.

The video began with Jennifer and Pat proudly showing off their matching customized grey sweatshirts, adorned with the quote ‘I’m hardly without buttermilk’ in elegant cursive font at the center. The quote, made famous by Pat Garner herself, was sewn on Jennifer’s sweatshirt with light pink thread and on Pat’s with sky blue thread, adding a charming touch to their cooking session.

This heartwarming video is part of Jennifer’s beloved Pretend Cooking Show, a series she started in 2017, where she shares cooking and baking videos on her social media platforms. Her engaging and enjoyable cooking episodes have gained immense popularity over the years.

In this latest episode, the mother-daughter duo lovingly provided a step-by-step guide to making the cherished chiffon pie—a dessert that has been a favorite in their family for decades. Jennifer fondly recalled that the recipe came from a Southern Living Cookbook published in 1989.

Throughout the video, Pat, who has made multiple appearances on her daughter’s cooking show, offered valuable words of wisdom. Despite having baked the pie for her three daughters for years, she humbly admitted that she still referred to the original cookbook for directions, emphasizing the importance of verifying even well-known recipes.

Unbeknownst to many viewers, the heartwarming video also served as an advertisement for Kitchen Aid, a renowned kitchenware brand, as Jennifer is their ambassador. However, the ad did not detract from the genuine warmth and nostalgia shared between mother and daughter during the baking process.

Jennifer’s Instagram post received an outpouring of love and admiration from her 14.4 million followers, including Southern Living Magazine, the very source of the cherished chiffon pie recipe. The magazine expressed their delight in the comments section, gushing over the special moment shared between the Garner girls.

In her lengthy caption, Jennifer shared not only the recipe and instructions for the chiffon pie but also nostalgic anecdotes from her family’s summertime traditions. The actress’s authentic portrayal of family bonding and her passion for cooking has undoubtedly resonated with her fans, making the Pretend Cooking Show a beloved and cherished series in the world of social media.


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