Airline Horror: Pilot Fired for Outrageous Behavior Before Flight!

British Airways has terminated the employment of a pilot, Mike Beaton, following reports of his involvement in a night of excessive drinking and drug use during a layover in Johannesburg. Beaton, a married father of one, allegedly engaged in provocative behavior, including snorting cocaine off the chest of a topless woman, according to a report from the New York Post.

The pilot confided in a fellow crew member about his exploits through text messages before a scheduled return flight to London. Beaton claimed to have spent the night with two local men, a Welsh woman, and a “young Spanish bird” at a Johannesburg nightclub, where they consumed large amounts of alcohol. The situation escalated when someone introduced cocaine, leading to a debate about whose chest was suitable for taking a “bump” of the drug.

Following the night of revelry, Beaton attempted to operate the return flight, but the crew member, who had received the explicit messages, reported his behavior to the airline. British Airways, shocked by the pilot’s actions, decided to suspend him while still in Johannesburg. The airline incurred significant costs, with the 12-hour flight to Heathrow Airport reportedly delayed and a financial loss estimated at $120,000.

Upon returning to London as a passenger on another flight, Beaton tested positive for cocaine, prompting British Airways to terminate his employment. A source within the airline expressed disbelief at the pilot’s actions, emphasizing that the first officer’s primary responsibility is passenger safety. The source highlighted the recklessness of Beaton’s decision to share details of his night out with a crew member between flights.

Mike Beaton (pictured here with his wife)

In response to the incident, a spokesperson for British Airways confirmed that the matter had been referred to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and reiterated the airline’s commitment to prioritizing safety. The spokesperson emphasized that the individual in question no longer works for British Airways, affirming the airline’s swift action in addressing the serious breach of conduct.

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