Accident Takes Place After Woman Seen On Camera

Hello everyone! Picture this: a quiet neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan, suddenly becomes the backdrop for a real-life instant karma moment that leaves everyone, including the internet, buzzing. Two women decided to take their frustrations out on a house and a car, but things didn’t go quite as planned. Let’s dive into the chaotic and dramatic incident that’s making waves on social media.

The scene begins with a video clip that quickly went viral, showing two women storming out of a black SUV. According to sleuths on Reddit, one of these women had a personal vendetta, allegedly against a former partner living in the house.

Armed with eggs and some kind of powdered substance, they quickly began their attack, throwing the items at the house and a car parked in the driveway.

As the eggs and powder hit their targets, the women made a mad dash back to their SUV. But in their haste, they forgot one crucial thing—closing the car door. The driver, clearly panicked, sped away from the scene, ignoring a stop sign at the end of the street.

Now, here’s where karma makes its grand entrance. As they blew through the stop sign, a silver sedan appeared out of nowhere, smashing into the side of their SUV. The impact sent the sedan skidding across the road while the SUV crashed into a nearby gate. The entire incident was captured on camera by a neighbor, who can be heard exclaiming, “Damnnnnn, they just got smacked!”

The video ends with a flurry of activity. People from inside the targeted home rushed out, presumably to confront the culprits, and a crowd quickly gathered around the crash site. The person recording the video noted, “They on the way, they gonna chase them,” adding an extra layer of urgency and drama to the scene.

The aftermath of this egg-and-run gone wrong is still somewhat of a mystery. It’s unclear why these women decided to attack the house in the first place or if anyone was seriously injured in the crash.

However, the Detroit Police Department has confirmed they are aware of the incident and an investigation is underway, according to

This bizarre episode serves as a perfect reminder of a couple of timeless truths: actions have consequences, and karma can be swift and unforgiving. It’s not every day you see instant karma play out so vividly, especially captured on video for the world to see.

So, folks, the next time you’re tempted to act on a grudge, maybe think twice. You never know when karma might come around the corner—literally. Stay safe, be kind, and always remember: what goes around, comes around!

Daily Mail


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