Abandoned Barn Holds Secret Treasure- See What Was Inside!

In a remarkable discovery that felt like a journey back in time, a 1981 DeLorean, made famous by its appearance as a time machine in the iconic film “Back to the Future,” was uncovered in a Wisconsin barn. The astonishing find, in pristine condition with just 977 miles on the odometer, has left car enthusiasts and collectors astounded.

The car enthusiast community was set abuzz when Mike McElhattan, a seasoned DeLorean repair specialist, received a call from New Mexico regarding this extraordinary find. At first, McElhattan did not grasp the significance of the call, but his intrigue grew as he learned that this DeLorean had been tucked away for decades, boasting fewer than 1,000 miles on its clock.

The vehicle’s original owner, simply known as “Dick,” had stored this classic DeLorean in a barn, shrouding it in dust and rodent droppings. Nevertheless, the car had endured remarkably well over the years, retaining its original tires and even the distinctive blue oil filter.

A 1981 DeLorean, the gullwing-doored car featured in “Back to the Future,” was found with its original tires and only 977 miles on it in a Wisconsin barn.

Describing the discovery as a “time capsule,” McElhattan captured the find in a YouTube video, showcasing the car’s exterior, which had survived its years of hibernation. The DeLorean’s iconic gullwing doors, an integral part of its allure, operated smoothly, although Dick did caution that the interior might not be as pleasant due to its prolonged storage, which had attracted a small rodent infestation.

Manufactured in April 1981, the DeLorean had spent a considerable period in the barn, with its tires embedded in the dirt. McElhattan, deeply appreciating the vehicle’s originality, acquired it from Dick, though the purchase price was not disclosed.

However, this extraordinary DeLorean, with its cinematic allure and near-pristine condition, is not quite ready for a triumphant return to the road. The car will require professional cleaning and extensive engine work before undergoing any comprehensive restoration. McElhattan estimated that it could take at least six months to prepare this time capsule of automotive history for a return to the open road.

DeLorean, a brand steeped in legend and intrigue, only produced vehicles from 1981 to 1982 before facing bankruptcy. In total, just about 9,000 of these unique cars were ever manufactured. The company had initially aspired to produce 25,000 cars annually but was unable to realize this ambition. Nevertheless, the abundance of stocked parts has ensured that even today, DeLorean owners can source essential components.

As for Dick’s DeLorean, which has the potential to command a price of up to $85,000, McElhattan’s plans for this remarkable find remain uncertain.

New York Post


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