9-Year-Old Shocks The World- One Of The Youngest To Accomplish This!

A nine-year-old Pennsylvania boy has accomplished an incredible feat — graduating from high school. David Balogun, a student of Reach Cyber Charter School in Harrisburg, graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA, making him one of the youngest people to ever complete high school.

The family’s story is one of hard work, determination, and perseverance. David started high school right before COVID-19 closed school doors in early 2020 and continued his studies virtually ever since, completing the program in three years. His science teacher, Cody Derr, said that David was “an inspirational kid, definitely one who changes the way you think about teaching.”

David’s parents, Ronya and Henry Balogun are now looking for the best college for their son. Although he is only nine, he already has career aspirations to become an astrophysicist and loves science and computer programming. The family’s main concern is making sure that he doesn’t become overwhelmed by the college environment.

“I want to be an astrophysicist, and I want to study black holes and supernovas,” he said.

“You can imagine a 9-year-old running around a campus by himself,” Henry Balogun explained. “It’s difficult for him to focus on what adults usually like to focus on. And they might see him as ‘OK, where is the parent? Where is your dad?’ Or ‘where is your mom?'”

The Baloguns are considering options such as Ivy League institutions like Harvard University, Princeton University, and the University of Pennsylvania. While they’re still weighing their options, David has already completed a semester at Bucks County Community College.

David’s story is one of inspiration and motivation, and it’s a reminder that no matter how old you are, you can always pursue your dreams. As his parents put it, “it’s never too early to start dreaming big.”



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