76-Year-Old Nun Defies the Odds and Foils Robbery Attempt

One Nun’s story of divine inspiration is shocking as she faced two burglars without a second’s hesitation.

Sister Mary Johnice Rzadkiewicz, a 76-year-old nun from Buffalo, New York is the director of the Response to Love Center, a Christian community center. Last Saturday, two would-be thieves allegedly tried to steal copper downspouts from the roof of the center. One of the thieves climbed up to the roof on a ladder while the other stayed on the ground to keep watch.

That’s when Sister Johnice, who had woken up early to pray, heard a noise on the roof and went to investigate. She saw the ladder right in front of her doorway and screamed at the thieves to get away, saying “This is God’s mission.” But she didn’t stop there. Instead, she prayed for strength and then knocked the ladder over.

“I threw the ladder down, which was huge as could be, and lo and behold, they ran away.”

Incredibly, Sister Johnice was able to topple a massive ladder by herself and send the two thieves running away. What makes this story even more incredible is that the center does not have copper pipes, as they were stolen years ago and replaced with aluminum.

Sister Johnice recalled the event saying, “When I knocked the ladder down, I heard them yell  ‘somebody’s there run!’ And one went one way and one went the other way, and I went through the building down to see where the fellow went.”

Sister Johnice’s story is a testament to the power of prayer and faith. Despite the altercation, she still feels sorry for the thieves and continues to pray for them every day.

“Every day I’ve been praying for these two thugs,” she said.

“They could have come here for food or clothing. They could have come for a kind word, some guidance, but they chose a different route,” she said. “That is not of God, that is evil. I just wish I could meet them,” she added.

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